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Stam 1899 Martinus Adrianus born August 5 Purmerend, also hometown Oud (1890-1963). Contacts between the two families. Protestant family. Father Purmerend taxman. Mother active in several associations progressive orientation. His sister Sara, about 3 years older, receive education university. Due to lack of resources he does. Begins as a complement to their education cabinetmaker lea... read more

Stam 1899 Martinus Adrianus born August 5 Purmerend, also hometown Oud
(1890-1963). Contacts between the two families.
Protestant family. Father Purmerend taxman. Mother active in several
associations progressive orientation. His sister Sara, about 3 years older, receive education
university. Due to lack of resources he does. Begins as a complement to their education
cabinetmaker learning.
1917-1919 Por consejo y recomendación the Old asiste a la Rijksnormaalschool for Character Education
(State School of artists) attached to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and obtained the diploma
in architecture.
Since 1917 belongs to, and temporarily presiding, the youth association "Jeugd geheel onthouders
bond "(Youth Association teetotaler total) JGOB, temperance youth league
Puritan orientation to achieve "the highest values." It meets Leni Lebeau,
what will be his first wife.
On vacation working as a draftsman in the study of JM van der Meij, architect
Scheepvaarthuis (House of navigation), Amsterdam (1911-1916).
1919-1922 Artist in Rotterdam in the office of architects Granpré Molière, Verhagen and Kok
(Vreewijk Garden City, south of Rotterdam Master Plan). It coincides with the engineer
J. Klijnen and then also cartoonists and Schmith Hans Werner Moser, from
Switzerland. Abandon the study in solidarity with fellow parents dismissed
for lack of work.
Competition project southeast urban expansion Hague.
Early in the year 1920 he was arrested and sentenced to six months' imprisonment for refusing to
military service. He writes his "Letters from the cell." In these and other documents
manuscripts makes explicit confession of Christianity.
Join in "Opbouw" with G. Molière, Verhagen and Kok, founded that year by
Willem Kromhout.
1921 Marriage with Lena Lebeau.
1922 In the spring part to Berlin. Get in touch with the magazine "Frühlicht" directed by
Bruno Taut.
Working in studies of Werner
of Waltenhausen, Poelzig y
Max Taut. Close relationships with
El Lissitzky
1923 Participates with Oud, Wils, van
Loghem and Dudok in exposure
De Bauhaus Weimar.
He moved to Switzerland. First Article
on architecture: "Holland and architecture
of our time ", in
Swiss Bauzeitung (en cuatro
deliveries) Hans mediation
Schmidt, includes publishing project
Oficinas Köningsberg the su
Berlin time (also published
Wendingen in the same year).
1923-1924 Zurich, trabajo in estudio by Karl
Moser, father of his friend Werner
(Quite likely October
1923 to April 1924).
1924 Arrival of El Lissitzky to Zurich (9
February), to cure health hospital
Canton of Ticino, collected in
Station by Stam and Hans Arp. A
through contact with El Lissitzky
Spring, Stam transfer to Thun,
work for the architect Arnold Itten
(Hotel "Edelweiss" in Mürren and
project "Canon" for contest
Geneva Cornavin station). His
are exclusive ownership of the same
period, St. Wendel School, the
Gymnasium Thun and his own
Contest version undelivered
ABC magazine published 1924-1928.
Contributors: Hans Wittwer, Paul Artaria, Emil Roth, El Lissitzky and others. Contacts
U.S. through R. Schindler and Werner Moser (stay working with Wright, sends materials
and acts as a correspondent). Intent to ABC correspondent association
Russian Asnova in the West.
First series (6 issues: first quarter 1924-September 1925) responsible: Stam, first
number, instead writing: Thalwil, editors: Emil Roth, Hans Schmidt and Mart Stam;
Numbers 2-6: Thun.
Second series (4 numbers: Spring 1926-Spring 1928), responsible: Hans Schmidt;
Editor: Hans Smith (Basel), Mart Stam (Rotterdam)
Late October 1925, leaving Switzerland to Paris (stay of four months, contact with Mondrian).
In the spring of El Lissitzky expulsion from Switzerland.
Mid-January 1926, back to Holland. Short stay in Purmmerend and monument construction
Dr. JJ Maats. Offices Königsberg published by A. Die Behne in mo
Derne Zweckbau. Publication Bouwbedrijf Het own projects (3 deliveries, 1926 -
First sketch tube chair presented in conference Nov. 22.
Rotterdam 1926-1928, incorporated by Brinkman designer to study and Van der Vlugt. Participate
at least 7 buildings of this era, including: Van Nelle factory, branch in Van Nelle
Leiden, Theosophical Association building in Amsterdam and van der Leeuw house in Rotterdam.
Again member and, temporarily, president of the Society of Architects "Opbouw". (Is
stands in left field consisting of Piet Zwart, JB van Loghem and himself)
Participate 1927, invited by Mies van der Rohe, in the colony of Stuttgart Weissenhof three
row houses, projected from Rotterdam.
Publication Rokin projects, Rotterdam bus station and water tower in Wassenaar
in i 10.
Jetti birth of his daughter.
In August 1928, is set in Frankfurt called by the city architect Ernst May and opens
own study, commissioned Hellerhof colony (800 homes). Werner called as collaborator
Moser (although it remains based in Zurich).
Win with Moser and PL Kramer competition for the nursing foundation
Budge in Frankfurt (1928-30).
Visiting Professor for two quarters in Dessau Bauhaus, led by Hannes
Meyer (dedication of a stay of several days each month). Possible request of
Gropius to organize it the architecture department, surely rejected.
With HP Berlage and Gerrit Rietveld form the Dutch delegation at the Congress of The Sarraz
for the foundation of CIAM.
Design villa experimental Baba district in Prague (built somewhat modified in
1993 without its presence).
1929 Participation in CIAM 2. Manager with Ernst May the exhibition "Die für das wohnung
Existenzminimum ".
1930 Participation in preparation CIAM 3, Brussels. Van Eesteren replaces Stam in Congress
for their game to the USSR. Stay in Russia for four years with Ernst
May and his team to build new cities (Magnitogorsk, Makeyevka, Orsk
-The latter with Hans Schmidt-) within the five-year plan.
Travel from Holland Ford car made in property with his wife
and daughter. Meeting and working with the Dutch architect Johan Niegeman.
Separation of Leni Lebeau. Sign relationship with the architect member Lotte Beese
May brigade.
1932 Estancia temporary visit in Holland. Conference "8" and the association "Holland-
Russia "about architecture and urbanism in the USSR.
1933 Waiver design Balchasch city to settle in Siberia saline desert.
October 1934, married in Moscow Lotte Beese. November; return to Holland. Join in
"8", is elected president. Set to Amsterdam forming study Lotte Beese
y William of Tijen.
1935 The study thus constituted makes a Montessori school and projects together with HA Maaskant
5 whole house "Drive-in" in Amsterdam, completed in 1937 (one of them
inhabited temporarily by Stam-Beese marriage).
Participation in the Exhibition "functional city" at the Stedelijk Museum in the context
September 29, is part of the new wording of 8 or opbouw constituted the
Duiker death.
Member of the jury "Affordable housing for workers" organized by
Amsterdam City Council.
Birth of his second daughter Ariane.
Project 1936 competition for the new City of Amsterdam.
1937 Participates in preparation CIAM 5 by the Dutch group.
Along with Merkelbach 1938 is part of the "Committee for the promotion of high standards
architectural Good Lomme "
Le Corbusier choose Tijen Van project, Maaskant, Stam and Beese among those presented
to contest the City of Amsterdam.
Contest Winner Dutch pavilion for Expo 1939 New York. Accomplished
the traditionalist architect Slothouwer
1939 Appointed director of the Instituut voor Kunstnijverheisonderwijs (Institute of Applied Arts
Rietveld Academy named-after-) of Amsterdam. Reform toward an orientation
architectural and productive-industrial strong opposition. In the post until 1948.
Organize, at the request of the city of Amsterdam the exhibition "From Trein (The Train) 1839 -
1939 "at the Frederik Square to commemorate the centenary of the Dutch railways.
Already in 1940 wartime meets his third wife Olga Heller (of Palestinian origin and education
During the war involved in organizing false passports to Jewish people and
probably in hiding some of them.
1941 et seq. Competition project for crematorium in The Hague, with Lotte Beese.
Collaboration in the reconstruction plans of Rotterdam. Membership "Study Group"
socialist orientation.
1945-1946 Cofundador de la GKF "Association of students of applied arts" (Sociedad de
applied arts practitioners).
Kloos Form 1946 with the "contact group for architects and interior designers" constituted
by young designers from Amsterdam and Rotterdam (5 months old). The group
is invited to preparatory meetings of the Dutch section of CIAM 6
Published with Wim Brusse, HLC Jaffe, JP Kloss, G. Rietveld and W. Sandberg magazine
Open Oog, leading to the publication of visual design. Two numbers are published.
Project for the reconstruction of Dresden.